Autumn Flavors: The Menù Dedicated To White Truffle

Autumn Flavors: The Menù Dedicated To White Truffle

In autumn, the most prized tuber in the world or its majesty the white truffle, dominates the most important fairs, festivals and events in Italy.

“The food of the gods“, as it was called the truffle at the time of Plutarch, is a fruit of the earth known and appreciated since ancient times: the first written records date back to 1600 BC.

Like every autumn, at Can Domingo Restaurant in Ibiza, among the prized and delicious traditional ingredients, also this year could not miss the Menu dedicated to the White Truffle.

For the past seven years, in fact, chef Beppe Vivacqua, Piedmontese doc, has included on the menu a series of exquisitely Italian recipes designed to enhance the unique and decisive taste of the Tuber that Alessandro and Andrea buy in Alba and Acqualagna.

The “Fassona meat” Tartare, the handmade tagliolini, the poached egg combined with the White Truffle, are a must-see classic of the best Italian tradition.

As a dessert, the white truffle is paired with a chestnut mousse topped with a fresh persimmon, cocoa and whipped cream sauce!

A menu therefore, from the appetizer to the dessert, dedicated to this tuber with an intense aroma and taste, all to try!


Live music season: Jazz, Dj set and experimental soundscapes three evenings a week!

Live music season: Jazz, Dj set and experimental soundscapes three evenings a week!

Three very different musical genres: melodies and Jazz improvisations, Electronic music and a duo of Sax and guitar.

The artists are young and talented and throughout the summer will playing, three times a week, alternating in the beautiful garden of the finca, where the Restaurant Can Domingo and Mimì Pizza Bistrot are located.

Muriel Grossmann

Muriel Grossmann band leader of the “Muriel Grossmann trio”, which will play every Tuesday from 9.30 , defines her music as Spiritual Jazz. The artist has played in different bands until 2002, when she started to lead her own bands for recordings and concerts.

Sylvia Operè

DJ, producer, promoter and broadcaster of “Looking after you”, Sylvia Operè, has been nominated several times for the Best Female Artist Fem by Vicious Music Awards. She will play her music every Wednesday  from 9.30 / 10.00 till late. Find you dancing feet and expect to be there until the very end!


Saturday from 9.30 will be instead be the evening of the two eclectic musicians, Fabio Capelli and Francesco Calcante of the duo Juno. Their music is a brew of acoustic instruments, analogue synths and looping mechanisms.

According to a study published by the Goldsmith University and Patrick Fagan, a Behavioral Sciences scholar, listening to live music once every two weeks, could extend the life of up to 10 years.

At Can Domingo Restaurant, with live music three times a week, gourmet,  vegetarian and vegan recipes or the street food of Mimì Pizza Bistrot, times are getting longer and even more!

Come and get your weekly live music fix @ Can Domingo & Mimì Pizza Bistrot !

Fairy-tale Weddings, Corporate Events and Unforgettable Parties at Candomingo in Ibiza!

Since 2012 when it opened, Can Domingo Restaurant has become a gastronomic reference point on the magical island of Ibiza. In addition to Italian cuisine contaminated with the flavors of the world cuisine, and to the Italian street food of Mimì Pizza Bistrot, over the years the Can Domingo team has developed a unique experience in organizing events.

Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, a cocktail, a private party or just a special occasion, the care and organization used by our team is unique.

In fact, there are many questions and expectations that each customer has about what is, rather than an event, a moment of sharing with friends and relatives, a rite of passage of existence. In the splendid Can Domingo “finca“, as well as one of the most romantic locations on the island, we can support you and offer you a series of services:

  • Food&Beverage
  • Capacity
  • Music&Entertainment
  • Photos&video
  • Wedding Facilities


There are several formulas with which we can satisfy your guests:

  • The Galà dinner, with the refined dishes of Can domingo’s gourmet cuisine
  • BBQ dinner
  • Finger Food cocktail
  • The Pizza Party with the menu of Mimi Pizza Bistrot
  • A wine list among the most supplied of the island with a special selection of Italian wines (Barolo, Super Tuscan), Spanish (Rioja and Ribeira del Duero) and champagne.

As it is in the Candomingo philosophy, each menu must be built and cooked according to the needs, tastes and desires of the customer.


Among the silent garden where olive trees, figs grow, where the chef of Can Domingo grows a vegetable garden and the spaces within the typical white Ibizan construction, we can comfortably accommodate up to 210 guests.

There is also the possibility to use only some of the terrace of the venue, if you do not intend to privatize the event:

  • The Ulivo terrace: the most romantic of Can Domingo
  • The Sea View terrace: with an incredible view of the Ibizencan countryside and the sea on the horizon
  • The fig tree table: a unique and fascinating table

Music & Entertainment

On the island of Ibiza, known for the quality of its music that recalls internationally renowned DJs and where you can enjoy live music everywhere, Can Domingo is no less. We have countless bands ready to attend your event. We can offer the possibility of organizing dancing parties to dance until 3.30 am or more . We trust DJs who will play your favorite songs and make the party unforgettable.

Photo and video

Facilities for weddings: Transportation, Celebrant, Make-up and hairdresser, live music, DJs, wedding cake, flowers and decorations, help in finding accommodation, photo booth.

Any event is unique and unrepeatable because it is created on the needs and desires of customers.

For any information write to

Opens the season 2019 in one of the most romantic venues in Ibiza!

Also this past April in the beautiful and exotic Island of Ibiza has open the season, one of the most romantic venues on the island. We are talking about the Can Domingo Restaurant with his fine dining menu and about the street food menù of Mimì Pizza Bistrot. Since Easter, the service of the pizzeria in its second year of activity and the beloved Restaurant, well-frequented by tourists and locals of the Island of Ibiza for the past eight years, will be regular every evening from 7.00 pm onwards.

staff can domingo ibiza season 2018

Alessandro Spadacini, Andrea Sanarica and chef Giuseppe Vivacqua, the three founding members of Can Domingo and Mimì Pizza Bistrot, along with all the staff, are ready to face the season with enthusiasm and a series of news in both menus.

In addition to the traditional Italian cuisine, especially the Piedmontese, home of the chef, on the menu of the Can Domingo restaurant, there is a vegan tasting menu from the garden.

In fact chef Beppe cultivates his organic garden just behind the kitchen with dedication and passion, which is why the taste of dishes found on the menu, like the Vegan Ceviche for example, is unparalleled.

For those who love meat and in particular the regional Italian cuisine, it is a must to try the Turin-style cutlet in which the meat is breaded with the delicious Turin breadsticks, homemade like all the bread that is served to the clients.


Pizza and cocktails


Mimì Pizza Bistrot will inaugurate the second year of activity with a series of recipes linked to the most delicious Italian street food.

Therefore, not only pizza but also home-made roasted pork, rice “arancini”, “mozzarella in carrozza“, “panzerotti” and fried anchovies.

The search for the finest raw materials is always a priority both for the gourmet dishes of Can Domingo and for those of the popular cuisine of Mimì Pizza Bistrot.






We are waiting for you,  for events, celebrations or for a dinner in one of the most romantic locations on the island at the Can Domingo Restaurant or Mimì Pizza Bistrot

Buon Appetito!

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