Italian taste

Food & Wine

The food philosophy at Can Domingo is very simple – fresh, quality produce made with love and respect. Every dish is carefully calibrated to elicit the best from each ingredient: light, with little salt and fat, fresh, tasty and beautifully presented. Absolutely everything, from pasta and bread to desserts, is homemade.

This abundance and range of fresh produce available allows Can Domingo to tailor many vegetable only dishes (including gluten-free options) to suit the more health-conscious diners – be they vegan, vegetarian or simply discerning.

Selecting wine to match a dish is an art, one that the team at Can Domingo have spent much time perfecting. One of the most extensive wine lists in Ibiza, featuring 140 wines from Italy, France and Spain, plus some of the world’s best grappas, completes the restaurant’s gourmet offering – a well-rounded experience that leaves you feeling satisfied but never over indulged.

Our Menu

Organic produce is used wherever possible, from local farmers or straight from Can Domingo’s onsite organic permaculture garden, where no pesticides or chemicals are used so each vegetable or herb develops the richest flavour possible. Specialty ingredients from Italy are selected with care assuring each provedore delivers the very highest quality available.

Tasting Menus

From The Land

DOP “Culatta”

Ham from Parma and Figs

Three Roasts Agnolotti del Plin

with Butter and 36 months cured DOP Parmesan Cheese
* Extra Black Truffle for 10 euros

Beef Cheek

in Red Wine with mashed Potatoes and glazed Shallot

Ibizan Strawberries Mille-feuille

48 € per guest

From The Sea

Slightly marinated raw Amberjack, Sea Urchin & Ricotta

Home made Seafood Gnocchi

Home salted and smoked Cod

Bagna Cauda, Red Potato and roasterd Peppers

White Chocolate

and marinated Cherries Cheesecake

54 € per guest

Vegan - From The Garden

Home grown Tomato

served with White Beans Hummus, deep fried sweet and sour Zucchini, vegan Tumeric Mayo and Basil Sauce

Home made Semola and Saffron Spaghetti

with home grown Zucchini, their Flowers and fried Capers

Roasted Aubergine

with Tomato “Datterino” Sauce, Pistacho and home made Pumpkin Seeds Vegan Cheese

Vegan Brownie

with artesanal Mango Sorbet

44 € per guest

À La Carte


Slightly marinated raw Amberjack, Sea Urchin & Ricotta

28 €

Asparagus, Raschera DOP Cheese Fondue, poached free-range Egg

Extra Black Truffle for 10 euros

18 €

“Vitello Tonnato”*

18 €

Sautéed Octopus

black Olives from Taggia, Potato “Sobrich”

20 €

DOP Culatta

Ham from Parma and home made pickled Vegetables

18 €

Artichoke and its Jus

16 €

Pasta & Risotto


Spaghetti with Sea Urchins and Bottarga

22 €

Saffron Risotto “alla Milanese”

with 36 Months cured Parmesan Cheese, Beef Bone Marrow and Cauliflower

20 €

Home made Passatelli

served in Clams Stock with raw Squid Strings, Lemongrass and Clams

22 €

“Spoia lorda”

Home made Pasta “Spoia Lorda” filled with roasted Tomatoes, served with Stracchino Cheese, Broad Beans, Green Peas, Basil & DOP Parmesan Cheese

20 €

Three Roasts Agnolotti del Plin

with Butter and 36 months cured DOP Parmesan Cheese
* Extra Black Truffle for 10 euros

20 €

Carob Flour Ravioli

filled with Mushroom Ragu, Pine Nuts Milk, Leek Pesto, Lemon Zest and wild Fennel

20 €

Organic Gluten Free Flour Pastas available for 5 € extra

*Gluten Free

Meat and Fish

Suckling Pig

Low Temperature Slow Cooked Suckling Pig from Segovia, Potato Puree, sauteed Radicchio and glazed Shallot

32 €

Lamb in two cooking styles

with smoked Potatoes

26 €

"La Torinese di Beppe"

300g Veal Wienerschnitzel breaded with home made Grissini Crumbs

42 €

Home salted Cod

Bernese Sauce, “Pimiento del Patròn” and baby Carrots

28 €

Mediterranean Turbot

in Potato Crust served with Hazelnut Pesto

32 €


Green Peas Tortilla

served with seasonal Veggies, Potato boiled in roasted Vegetable Stock and vegan Bearnaise Sauce

18 €

Side Dishes

Sautéed Spinach, Mixed Green Salad, Potato Puree, French Fries

7 €

Italian Chesse Selection

Stracchino di Bufala

(100% buffalo milk)


(100% cow milk)

Rocchetta dell’Alta Langa

(cow, goat & sheep milk)

Pecorino Toscano

(100% sheep milk)

Gorgonzola DOP

(100% cow milk)

Served with our home made Brioche Bread, home made Pear and Jamaican Pepper Jam & Ibizan Honey

16 €

Just a little bit of cheese…

(please choose one of the above selection)

9 €


Tanzania Hot Chocolate Cake

with melting Heart, Custard, Raspberry Sauce and its Coral

14 €

Ibizan “Lemon”

12 €

Fruit and Vegetables Soup

with Matcha Tea Sponge, frozen Green Apple and White Chocolate

12 €

Hazelnut Semifreddo

Raspberry Glaze and Amaretto Sauce

12 €


10 €

Ice Cream & Sorbets

Fiordilatte, Vanilla, Chocolate, Lemon, Strawberry

8 €