Italian taste

Food & Wine

The food philosophy at Can Domingo is very simple – fresh, quality produce made with love and respect. Every dish is carefully calibrated to elicit the best from each ingredient: light, with little salt and fat, fresh, tasty and beautifully presented. Absolutely everything, from pasta and bread to desserts, is homemade.

This abundance and range of fresh produce available allows Can Domingo to tailor many vegetable only dishes (including gluten-free options) to suit the more health-conscious diners – be they vegan, vegetarian or simply discerning.

Selecting wine to match a dish is an art, one that the team at Can Domingo have spent much time perfecting. One of the most extensive wine lists in Ibiza, featuring 140 wines from Italy, France and Spain, plus some of the world’s best grappas, completes the restaurant’s gourmet offering – a well-rounded experience that leaves you feeling satisfied but never over indulged.

Our Menu

Organic produce is used wherever possible, from local farmers or straight from Can Domingo’s onsite organic permaculture garden, where no pesticides or chemicals are used so each vegetable or herb develops the richest flavour possible. Specialty ingredients from Italy are selected with care assuring each provedore delivers the very highest quality available.