Can Domingo is the culmination of a dream. Conceived and created by three friends whose passion for excellent food, superb wines, efficient, friendly service and a love for Ibiza has created one of the most beautiful and relaxing dining experiences on the Island.

Can Domingo is like coming home.


The food philosophy at Can Domingo is very simple – fresh, quality produce made with love and respect. Every dish is carefully calibrated to elicit the best from each ingredient: light, with little salt and fat, fresh, tasty and beautifully presented. Absolutely everything, from pasta and bread to desserts, is homemade.


Opens the season 2019 in one of the most romantic venues in Ibiza!

Also this past April in the beautiful and exotic Island of Ibiza has open the season, one of the most romantic venues on the island.

Magical celebrations

Everyone who lives in or visits Ibiza knows the island pulsates with a special energy. It goes beyond the famous nightclubs and DJs – it's something that seems to seep right up from the earth.

Journey of discovery

When the summer comes to an end and most people in Ibiza take a well deserved break, the Can Domingo team set out on their annual journeys of discovery.

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