The Can Domingo finca: Now and then

It always feels that there is laughter on the breeze and music in the trees at Can Domingo.

For centuries Can Domingo was the home of the Botja family. Even the hill behind the pretty finca is named Puig Botja. An important family in the San Jose area, the Botjas hosted many significant events at Can Domingo. For a long time Can Domingo was the site of exciting times and it continues to be so in its present incarnation.

As a hub of activity in the area it was no surprise that the hippy era of the 1970s would have a huge influence over the property. Travellers and flower children would come to stay, sleeping where they could, creating spontaneous happenings and living a true campo existence. There was no electricity or running water and life was lived according to the rhythms of the seasons and the moods of the people. This energy of joy and abandon still permeates the finca today. It always feels that there is laughter on the breeze and music in the trees.

A lengthy period as a traditional Ibicenco restaurant managed by owner Vicente Botja was followed by the introduction of a high-end French eatery and has never closed its doors in all these years. Like all good things in Ibiza, Andrea, Beppe and Alessandro – the current Can Domingo proprietors – came across the property through the extensive Ibiza grape vine. It was love at first sight.

The bare bones of the finca were solidly and traditionally built yet the interior decor was stuck somewhere between 1975 and 1995 so the new owners stripped it all back and started fresh. The garden required a full makeover, removing decades of broken glass and debris to prepare a home for the Can Domingo vegetable patch. Interior colours were chosen to complement the view from the glass doors and long discussions about table linens and other details ensued. Unlike the team’s shared passion for food, an area in which they never disagree, the decoration of Can Domingo brought new challenges and in the end they put their trust in the advice of Alessandro’s mother-in-law, Giovanna and Beppe’s girlfriend Marta, both adept at colour, design and decoration.

Marta Fofi’s involvement doesn’t end with interior decoration. The walls are also adorned with her art. At times whimsical and gleeful, Marta’s art can also be very thoughtful. She works with collage, textiles and embroidery creating gorgeous mixed media images. The embroidered portraits of the three partners that sit next to the kitchen are particular brilliant, perfectly capturing each of them in thread.

The team consider Can Domingo to be somewhat like their child. Every year they extend some part of the finca, be it a terrace here or an outdoor bar over there, the growth and evolution is constant. It’s important to keep updating to continue creating and improving the experience for guests. It’s not just about business, Andrea adds emphatically, they aim to be the best they can, to create something truly beautiful.