Aphrodisiac menu: the recipe for desire is served

Aphrodisiac menu: the recipe for desire is served

Myth or reality? Some people claim that certain foods have an influence on our libido, even multiplying our sexual prowess. Put all the chances on your side by testing some dishes that could turn out to be even hotter than expected.

Although scientists have never been able to clearly establish their sexual effectiveness, the fact remains that the properties of certain dishes play a role in our mood and our well-being. Aphrodisiacs or not, why not put all the chances on your side by testing these aphrodisiac recipes?

The golden rules

An aphrodisiac (link) menu is not like sharing a sandwich between lunch and dinner.
1- Avoid heavy dishes, with sauce, caloric and difficult to digest. There's no need to feel like you weigh 3 tons when you want to do some acrobatics!
2- No more complicated dishes that take hours to prepare and cook. You'll need time to get ready.
3- Test an aphrodisiac recipe on a potential lover! Practice at least once before serving it on the big day.
4- Don't neglect the staging of the house: this way, all your senses are awakened...
The basics: candles for a subdued atmosphere and flattering lighting. Be careful: you have to see what you are tasting! A light perfume that does not mask the smell of your dishes. A soft or exotic music according to the chosen recipes to relax everyone! You should also think about bringing out colorful dishes, pretty stemmed glasses, cutlery held in place by a satin ribbon...
5- Are you nervous and not hungry? Force yourself a little! There is nothing less sexy for a man than a woman who pecks like a bird and pouts at her plate. According to them, the appetite of a woman says a lot about her taste for physical love...

A little romance to start the evening...

Bubbles and more bubbles
You want to impress your darling and add some glamour to the evening? We bet on the king of wines: champagne! A festive and romantic drink par excellence, just the "pop!" of its cork is a sign of a beautiful evening. But be careful, the goal is not to end up completely drunk and forget everything that will happen next.
To be consumed with moderation!
Did you know that? Don't put a bottle in the freezer to cool it down. It kills the bubbles. Instead, you can put it in a bucket filled with cold water and ice cubes.

If this situation is bad for you, if it affects your personal and family life, talk to your doctor. He will help you find the most suitable treatment to regain a fulfilling sex life. In addition, erectile dysfunction can be a discreet sign of cardiovascular disease: it is therefore useful to talk about it during a medical consultation to rule out any physiological causes.

Avanafil (STENDRA, link), sildenafil (VIAGRA and its generics), tadalafil (CIALIS and its generics, and vardenafil (LEVITRA and its generics) are medicines that work by making the penis filled with blood. quickly, but only in the presence of sexual arousal. Their duration of action is variable depending on the drug (from 12 to 36 hours). These drugs can only be obtained with a prescription. Indeed, they must be used with a lot of precautions in people with heart problems.

A good starter
- Eight oysters per person: reputed for their aphrodisiac virtues, they are especially recognized for their richness in zinc, an element essential to the synthesis of the sexual hormone... testosterone! Why deprive yourself of it? Especially since they are very low in calories.
Did you know that? Opening them is not easy. If you have the knack: well done, but if not, it is possible to ask your peeler to do it for you - on the condition that you eat them very quickly - or to order some with threads that facilitate their opening.
- An appetizer with truffles. The sulphurous reputation of this mushroom sold at a high price is explained by the pheromones (hormones that influence sexual behavior) that it releases. It is for this reason that the sow in heat, attracted by the smell, would manage to find it.
One thus tests this power on our host by serving him a brouillade of truffles in a mini ramekin. (See our recipe).
Did you know that? According to some specialists, the simple expression "truffle and champagne" evokes a psycho-aphrodisiac cocktail. Just the idea of tasting such a combination of dishes known to be sexy would stimulate the pleasure sensors in the brain.