Live music season: Jazz, Dj set and experimental soundscapes three evenings a week!

Live music season: Jazz, Dj set and experimental soundscapes three evenings a week!

Three very different musical genres: melodies and Jazz improvisations, Electronic music and a duo of Sax and guitar.

The artists are young and talented and throughout the summer will playing, three times a week, alternating in the beautiful garden of the finca, where the Restaurant Can Domingo and Mimì Pizza Bistrot are located.

Muriel Grossmann

Muriel Grossmann band leader of the “Muriel Grossmann trio”, which will play every Tuesday from 9.30 , defines her music as Spiritual Jazz. The artist has played in different bands until 2002, when she started to lead her own bands for recordings and concerts.

Sylvia Operè

DJ, producer, promoter and broadcaster of “Looking after you”, Sylvia Operè, has been nominated several times for the Best Female Artist Fem by Vicious Music Awards. She will play her music every Wednesday  from 9.30 / 10.00 till late. Find you dancing feet and expect to be there until the very end!


Saturday from 9.30 will be instead be the evening of the two eclectic musicians, Fabio Capelli and Francesco Calcante of the duo Juno. Their music is a brew of acoustic instruments, analogue synths and looping mechanisms.

According to a study published by the Goldsmith University and Patrick Fagan, a Behavioral Sciences scholar, listening to live music once every two weeks, could extend the life of up to 10 years.

At Can Domingo Restaurant, with live music three times a week, gourmet,  vegetarian and vegan recipes or the street food of Mimì Pizza Bistrot, times are getting longer and even more!

Come and get your weekly live music fix @ Can Domingo & Mimì Pizza Bistrot !