New vegetarian menu concept: Created with love

Can Domingo’s chef ramps up his love of vegetables and create ever-new and innovative ways to serve them.

Can Domingo chef Guiseppe Vivacqua has a passion for his vegetable garden. When he’s not cooking or roaming the forests of Ibiza searching for wild herbs or devouring the latest cookbook, you can find him the restaurant’s onsite vegetable garden – a space he has developed and cultivated carefully over the past few years.

It’s almost a meditation for Beppe, as he is known to family, friends and loyal diners, to care for the vegetables and herbs growing under the ancient almond tree in the grounds of Can Domingo. The act of harvesting a fresh crop and carrying it into the kitchen to create a dish is near enough to a divine experience for him.

This awareness of the fruits of the earth and a realisation that more and more diners are leaning towards plant-based diets has lead the chef to ramp up his love of vegetables and create ever-new and innovative ways to serve them in the restaurant in delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Ibiza’s fertile soil makes it a joy to cultivate all kinds of varieties, flavours and heirloom vegetables. The garden is run on the principles of permaculture meaning there are never any chemicals or pesticides used. It is managed with a careful eye and a deep knowledge of the symbiotic relationship between plants and flowers, each species helping to protect and encourage a fruitful harvest.

Beppe’s exploration of plant-based dishes has also made him more aware of other innovations and needs. A growing number of people are watching what they eat and questioning the benefits of food has lead to the creation of a popular gluten-free component to the Can Domingo menu.

Some of the most popular dishes currently starring on the menu are Bajo el Almendro (Under the Almond Tree – a puree of dry broad bean, fresh green beans and broad beans, sautéed fresh onions, roasted orange sauce, fresh chards and almond milk foam), Risi e Bisi ‘Can Domingo’ (Semi-integral Rosa Marchetti rice and black rice, green peas cream, parmesan chips), an organic lentil soup with Eivissenco fresh herbs and an incredible fresh asparagus risotto in addition to the many homemade pastas that are firm favourites among guests.

For Beppe this new gluten-free and plant-based concept for Can Domingo is just another invitation to increase his knowledge and love of good food. Not to mention an invitation to you to enjoy it!