Meet the owner: Andrea Sanarica – Front of house

Andrea Sanarica was introduced to the complexities and intricacies of Italian cuisine as a boy. With his family he ate at some of the best restaurants and trattorias, developing a sensitive palate and an innate appreciation for good food. Like many Italian families life revolved around the preparing and sharing of food.

Along with this passion for food his hunger for travel has clearly informed his current lifestyle. Leaving his hometown of Bergamo, Andrea first headed to London to work and perfect his English before returning to Italy to study communications and language. Andrea’s wanderlust led to Melbourne, Australia where he worked in restaurants and travelled around the east coast. The next stop was Thailand then back to Italy complete a masters in business management and take up an internship in China with an Italian hospitality company. He spent two years in China learning Mandarin and working for various five-star establishments and for the World Expo.

Even with the cuisine of Asia at his feet Andrea always craved his Italian roots and would cook for himself and housemates using recipes passed down from his mother. The enormous banquets full of Chinese delicacies never appealed to him as much as an excellent dish of fresh pasta and sauce.

Moving back to Italy with the dream of opening his own place Andrea soon realised that he was caught up in the rat race of city life and that if he stayed he would never achieve his dream. So, he packed up, drained his bank account and set off once more to look for the place where he was meant to be.

His great uncle had moved to Ibiza in 1972 so it was the obvious place to stop off. After checking out some other islands he arrived in Ibiza and was embraced by his Ibizan-Italian family. Within three days he realised that Ibiza was the place and he began searching for a restaurant location.

In the beginning he met Beppe and they looked together, finding one place only to have it fall through at the last minute. Then someone showed them Can Domingo, but they needed another partner. In walked Allessandro and the trinity was complete.

For Andrea Ibiza is the island of opportunities. «Moving here was a big leap and risky but it’s turned out well», he says. “Everyone here is equal, there’s a good vibe and lovely people.» He relishes the long season and the hard work knowing that when he does have free time he can enjoy it to the fullest, taking advantage of all the island has to offer. “When you live here and everyone is on holiday you feel like you are too, even though you are working.” During the season he fasts from partying and rare days off are filled with eating out and trips to Formentera.

Andrea’s dream is to continue what they have started at Can Domingo, perfecting, refining, and creating. Then, in the future, to look at expanding into different areas. «At the moment we are making Can Domingo the best it can be. There are many opportunities in Ibiza. Winter is the time to think about other things.»