Conscious cuisine

Conscious cuisine is not such a new concept. Even our most recent ancestors only ate what was in season and available locally. In fact it was fairly recently in human history that we started to consume produce outside of the natural order of things…

September specialty: Alba truffles

The best truffles in the world are the white truffle d’Alba, found mostly in the countryside outside of the Piedmont city of Alba. Much more rare than their black counterparts, the white Alba is highly aromatic and delicate.

From Italy with love

During the winter months Can Domingo chef-patron, Giuseppe Vivacqua, hires a van and tours Italy in search of the best producers the country has to offer.

Meet the owner: Andrea Sanarica – Front of house

Andrea Sanarica was introduced to the complexities and intricacies of Italian cuisine as a boy. With his family he ate at some of the best restaurants and trattorias.

Ibiza’s most romantic dining spot

Stepping onto the terrace at Can Domingo and through to what is definitely the most romantic and magical gardens in Ibiza is an exceptional and breathtaking moment.

Meet the owner: Giuseppe Vivacqua

For Giuseppe Vivacqua (Beppe as he is known) food should not only nourish but also invoke emotion, memory and connection.

First class fine wines

The exceptional Can Domingo wine list is prudently selected by owner Alessandro Barni Spadacini from regions across Italy, Spain and France.

New vegetarian menu concept: Created with love

Can Domingo chef Guiseppe Vivacqua has a passion for his vegetable garden. When he’s not cooking or roaming the forests of Ibiza searching for wild herbs or devouring the latest cookbook…

Jazz in the garden

Every Saturday from 9.30pm, the magical Can Domingo garden hosts the great musicians of the golden years of jazz. Well, not those artists exactly, but a band – Downtown Ibiza Jazz Ensemble…

Meet the owner: Alessandro Barni Spadacini

What drives people to make tremendous changes in their lives? It’s a difficult question to answer but for Alessandro Barni Spadacini, administrator, host and wine consultant of Can Domingo…