Fairy-tale Weddings, Corporate Events and Unforgettable Parties at Candomingo in Ibiza!

Since 2012 when it opened, Can Domingo Restaurant has become…

Opens the season 2019 in one of the most romantic venues in Ibiza!

Also this past April in the beautiful and exotic Island of Ibiza has open the season, one of the most romantic venues on the island.

Magical celebrations

Everyone who lives in or visits Ibiza knows the island pulsates with a special energy. It goes beyond the famous nightclubs and DJs – it's something that seems to seep right up from the earth.

Journey of discovery

When the summer comes to an end and most people in Ibiza take a well deserved break, the Can Domingo team set out on their annual journeys of discovery.

Music is life

For the team at Can Domingo, jazz is just one of the elements that brings them, their guests and indeed all the island together.

Thank You

It's that time of year when many people around the world gather together to celebrate. Even though the celebrations may differ in the details there is one theme that runs through every get-together, every dinner, lunch and toast and that is love and family...
Can Domingo Weddings

Fairytale countryside weddings

When you first set foot inside Can Domingo, its romanticism is immediately obvious. The restaurant is tucked away amongst lush gardens and farmland close to the action but just far enough away to feel pleasantly secretive...

The Can Domingo finca: Now and then

For centuries Can Domingo was the home of the Botja family. Even the hill behind the pretty finca is named Puig Botja. An important family in the San Jose area, the Botjas hosted many significant events at Can Domingo...