Meet the owner: Andrea Sanarica – Front of house

Andrea Sanarica was introduced to the complexities and intricacies of Italian cuisine as a boy. With his family he ate at some of the best restaurants and trattorias, developing a sensitive palate and an innate appreciation for good food. Like many Italian families life revolved around the preparing and sharing of food.

Ibiza’s most romantic dining spot

Stepping onto the terrace at Can Domingo and through to what is definitely the most romantic and magical gardens in Ibiza is an exceptional and breathtaking moment. Flickering candlelight playfully dances against the ancient twisted olive, almond and orange trees…

Meet the owner: Giuseppe Vivacqua

For Giuseppe Vivacqua (Beppe as he is known) food should not only nourish but also invoke emotion, memory and connection. It’s not artifice; the perfect dish is like standing in front of an incredible painting or reading a poem that incites weeping. Yes, for Beppe, it goes that deep.

First class fine wines

The exceptional Can Domingo wine list is prudently selected by owner Alessandro Barni Spadacini from regions across Italy, Spain and France. Choosing wine suits his exacting personality; the science behind terroir, the feelings invoked by aroma and the knowledge gained over years of enjoying good wine. He is in his element.